We’re Still a WordPress Website Provider

WordPress website developerSimplified Solutions has been in the business of building WordPress sites for quite some time now. Since The Content Squad came to be, that hasn’t been as big of a priority for us because our business model changed directions a bit. Even though we haven’t promoted this service in a while, we still want people to know of Simplified Solutions as a WordPress website provider.

The way we go about delivering and launching websites is a bit different now, too—but in a good way! We’re able to more efficiently launch sites and hand you the reins because our designer has devoted 100 percent of his time to this service. This service, by the way, includes a customized WordPress theme, social media set-up, and email marketing set up and integration.

Once your website is launched, we’ll help you get going and understand some basic details before we completely hand over the keys. It’s not for the serious inbound marketer, but it helps small businesses establish an online presence and effectively marketing their company.

We’d love to start a conversation and give you more details. In the meantime, check out our new portfolio page.

We’ve been cooking up some good things here at Simplified Solutions LLC

Simplified Solutions LLC Cooking up Some Good Stuff

So, I haven’t posted to the blog since we moved into an office in the fall. We’ve been busy though. I have evidence. I’ll share it in this post.

First we moved into the office.

Then we became a Certified Hubspot Partner. Learned a system. Launched a site. Passed a test.

Then we launched a new D.B.A called The Content Squad to use said Hubspot software.

Then we increased our inbound marketing retainers in price and scope.

Then we secured some funding and an amazing business adviser to boot.

Then we hired our first team member. You can read about her here.

Then we began building out the third leg of our business model. It’s a training, coaching, and membership site. You’ll have to wait to hear more about it. It’s a secret. In case you were wondering, the Simplified Solutions leg does WordPress websites, coaching, speaking engagements, and project work. The Content Squad leg does inbound marketing on retainer and uses/sells the Hubspot CMS. It rocks.

I also started a sales development and training program with these sales pros.

So no more excuses. Here we come. Humbly but aggressively.

We’re here to serve and to build a team. We’ll continue to have fun along the way.

P.S. We appreciate your attention and your business.

Back in the saddle again

I’m back running Simplified Solutions LLC on a day to day basis. I still am representing webdesign.com and ithemes but just as an independent contractor and affiliate.

The last 3 months were great. I learned a tremendous amount and hopefully the team at WD.com did as well. We made several sales, worked out some processes, tested different price points and a whole lot more. Hindsight is always 20/20 and everyone is the best Monday morning quarterback but I believe all parties involved had wins in the arrangement.

In the market things cannot be conceived in the mind and implemented without realizing they have to be tested and refined. If we operated in an environment where things stopped and you could walk into the paused picture, then business would be so much simpler. With the way things change so rapidly today you have to adjust quickly. It reminds me of Seth Godin’s book The Dip. You really do have to quit the things that don’t look to work out and to focus on being the best in your endeavor. There is little room left for mediocrity. I think both parties saw this change made since and thankfully we realized it at the same time.

Take a spin around the site.

I’ve jazzed it up a bit and hopefully made it much more clear how I can help you. I admit it was extremely vague over the past few years.

We help you create your story and share it online. We use tools like WordPress and Twitter.