Outbound Marketing-has the ship sailed?

Want to run a TV ad, a radio spot, a print ad, send a direct mail piece or conduct a telemarketing campaign?

Go ahead, I’ll tune you out but maybe some other demographics will still tune in. You can hope people are paying attention. Then you can hope the people that are paying attention need what you do or sell. Then you can hope the people paying attention, who need what you do or sell, pick you over somebody else.

You’re going against the grain though:

Tivo, DVR, Hulu, Netflix, minimalists canceling cable or TV altogether, people playing video games instead of watching TV, poor TV ratings, diffusion with 8 million niche cable channels, Itunes, Podcasts, Pandora, Satellite radio, radio stations already boring you with too many commercials,  newspaper circulations down, newspapers and magazines going out of business, this thing called Google, people tossing junk mail, people not opening mail, high postage costs, mail delivery being downsized, automated answering systems, caller id, no home phone lines, gatekeepers who are just as busy as the decision makers, information overload, clutter, clutter and more clutter and did I mention people are busy and don’t want to be interrupted.

If you’re just another “me too” business, then I guess you can just keep doing the same old thing until it’s beyond frustrating and beyond budget. Or you could try inbound marketing?