The race to build tribes

It seems like with this down economy we are all in a race to build the most connected tribes in the quickest possible fashion.

It reminds me of twitter. I know a secret way to get 8 million followers in 30 days. It’s not a secret but simply a concession. Anyone who has 25,000 followers can look at me and say he only has 180 followers. How can he tell anyone how to use social media? When I started using Twitter I decided that I would wait a while to start seeking out people to follow. Those who were interested in me for what I was tweeting about could follow me and I would evaluate them to see what we had in common. Then I would follow. Now I’m more proactive but still let things happen more often than not. I set limits because I don’t know that I can have relationships with thousands of followers.

If I would have went mad with Twitter like most everyone else, I could have 20,000 followers by now. Most people or at least a high percentage will follow you back because it’s all about ego. So if you follow enough they will follow you back. What is so big about that trick?

Who can get the most followers? I’m not interested in that as much as I’m interested in finding people who share my likes, then taking time to connect with them and build meaningful personal and business relationships.

I’m into conservative/libertarian politics, organization, productivity, sports-especially golf, Christian faith, WordPress, Social Media tools, communication, chiropractic care, natural healthcare and supplements to name a few. If you are interested in these things I’d love to see what you’re posting and I’d love to interact. If not then I’d probably just be trying to sell you something- wouldn’t I?

I live in Louisville KY so those on Twitter locally interest me as well.

I have some other social networks I’m involved with like Tumblr, Ning and Facebook. I have an interest in finding people on Twitter who are also in these spheres.

I like to learn about new things and so sometimes I like to follow people on Twitter to gain knowledge or insights.

Building your tribe is a great idea and a worthy goal. If you are a small business, non profit or ministry; why don’t you start by pointing your customers to these social media tools? You already have a pretty cool tribe- they just didn’t get directions to the new meeting place. Twitter or Ning or Stumble Upon or Tumblr or Vimeo or Facebook or Flickr.

Bootstrap with WordPress

Recently I was given the opportunity to write a guest post over at Ithemes. They are the top dog in my mind when it comes to producing and distributing Customized WordPress Themes.

If you have a non profit, small business or ministry, you know this; but repetition can never hurt. If you get a chance to speak for a group, or write a guest post on a blog, or be interviewed for a podcast, say yes even if you’re not ready. Even if things are not perfect. Even if the timing is bad. Say yes.

To paraphrase Abe Lincoln said ” I will study and prepare and one day my chance will come.” Was he a prophet or what? Failure after failure after failure prepared him to lead our country through a dire strait.

It won’t be perfect the first time or the second, but soon you be riding a bike without the training wheels.

Here is the article I wrote. It’s about bootstrapping your business or non profit using WordPress and Ithemes. You really should read it. It’s the kind of thing you’ll look back on and say I’m glad we positioned ourselves to capitalize on these trends.

The tools are never the key

Whether you buy the new tool, pay to have the new service installed, or order the new gadget; you still have to learn to use it before you’ll get results. How many times to we purchase something and not get the full value out of it? How often does the potential of the technology we have sit idle like the marvelous untapped mineral resources in South America?

I explain in this video how it’s not just about setting up or buying the tool. You’ve got to use it.

Visible and Imperfect vs Invisible and Pefect

You choose. Gary V doesn’t seem to fret to much about the quality of his videos, and he’s one of the most sought after and visible entrepreneurs today. Seth Godin has a top 20 ranked blog in the world according to Technorati and the # 1 marketing blog. Seth makes the occasional punctual error and misspelling. I believe that 55 out of 100 people can read this article even though …..

Acres of Diamonds

This lesson for small businesses and non profits is from Dr. Russell Conwell’s famous little book “Acres of Diamonds”. Take a few minutes and see how it applies to what you’re doing or not doing. Don’t miss this one!

It’s not your customers job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have a chance to forget you – Patricia Fripp

Day in the life of Social Media Guy

It’s time to stop screwing around and let’s get to work using these tools to help solve problems and make profits. I’m guilty, you’re guilty- we’re probably all guilty if you’re reading this post. This video was a little parody I did last night. Hat tip: INXS – I Need you Tonight in the background.

Day in the life of Social Media Guy from Bryce Raley on Vimeo.

Here is a little idea of what people on Twitter have been saying lately. This is a must see list.

Downsize Your Business

Not in the files and storage room sense. Not in the set up of the lobby or the layout of the office furniture. Those are good ideas but that’s not what I’m shooting for here.

I’m talking about recreating a new business model that works in a down economy. Reducing expenses, streamlining processes, organizing digital tools, empowering employees, repositioning marketing dollars- that’s the ticket in this economy. More with less.

Now if you’re lean and mean and flexible, you can move and adapt quicker than the competition. Even if there is no competition you can adjust to your customers demands. Instead of building products and figuring out how to market them, you can listen to what people are asking for and give it to them. You can create a more compelling story.

Instead of focusing on up-sizing revenue, profits and cash all the time, how about a few years  of breaking down current fat business models and making them lean. Costco and Zappos come to mind.

The road to wealth lies in augmenting our means or diminishing our wants, either will do, but the quickest way is to do both- Ben Franklin

Johnie Marketer meets Sally Service

If you’re Johnie Marketer then you need to make sure your small business or non profit has Sally Service. If all those people you bring in the front door are going straight out the back, then what’s the point. We all know it’s easier to sell an existing customer something than it is to go and get a new customer from scratch. Well why is all the emphasis placed on marketing?

Sally Service has a big place in your business. If she’s not there then Jonhnie Marketer, can sometimes do more damage than good. Also Sarah Systems should be somewhere in the mix. If your systems and methods of operation are not consistent your competition will destroy you on price in this recessionary environment. It’s hard enough if you have good service, but if you don’t have Sarah Systems then you probably won’t have Sally Service. If you do have Sarah and Sally doing their best then you’ve gotta think Johnie Marketer’s job just got a whole lot easier.

I have an idea. Let’s shoot for remarkable service to go along with the remarkable marketing. Then eventually you can spend your time refining your business because if it’s remarkable as Seth Godin says it will spread. If it’s boring it will not. I am going to stop writing now and go work on making my blogs, marketing, systems and service more remarkable. Not enough people are talking about them yet. I’d like to help you make your company remarkable too. Interested Click here.

Welcome to our new website!

Usually, the recruiting firm is the last to implement the new hiring policies that they’ve taught their customers. The nagging broken trim in the kitchen is an afterthought to the builder who spends all his time fixing other peoples kitchens. The accountant files their tax return just before the deadline because they’ve devoted all their time to preparing everyone elses return. Well I have fallen victim to the same old song and dance.

I set up a website over a year ago, messed with it a few times, then I met and fell in love with WordPress. I started my blogs on WordPress but never had the opportunity to move my website over to this amazing platform. I have finished several other wordpress sites lately like here and here, but I just now got a day free and clear where I could devote several consecutive hours to updating my WordPress site.

Now I have to finish it.