We’re Still a WordPress Website Provider

WordPress website developerSimplified Solutions has been in the business of building WordPress sites for quite some time now. Since The Content Squad came to be, that hasn’t been as big of a priority for us because our business model changed directions a bit. Even though we haven’t promoted this service in a while, we still want people to know of Simplified Solutions as a WordPress website provider.

The way we go about delivering and launching websites is a bit different now, too—but in a good way! We’re able to more efficiently launch sites and hand you the reins because our designer has devoted 100 percent of his time to this service. This service, by the way, includes a customized WordPress theme, social media set-up, and email marketing set up and integration.

Once your website is launched, we’ll help you get going and understand some basic details before we completely hand over the keys. It’s not for the serious inbound marketer, but it helps small businesses establish an online presence and effectively marketing their company.

We’d love to start a conversation and give you more details. In the meantime, check out our new portfolio page.

Stop majoring in the minors with your website

If you major in the minors you’ll never get online. You’ll be too focused on the things that matter to you. Which means they probably won’t be the things that matter to your customers.

Do you think your customers are worried about fonts, pop, edge or  padding?

Are they sitting around thinking about your logo? Your header?

Are they consumed with the color of your website background?

Do you think they make their purchasing decisions based on these factors? I say no.

I think the design is very important. I think they want to see something professional, assuming others showed up in their Google search. If you were the only one, chances are they were thrilled that someone local showed up at all.

So stop majoring in the minors and start focusing on bottom line results.

  • Is my site live and can customers and prospects find me?
  • Is the organization and navigation good?
  • Do the graphics work?
  • Can customers and prospects contact you through your site?
  • Can customers and prospects connect with you on social media via your site?
  • Can customers and prospects make buying decisions with the content on your site?
  • Can customers educate themselves on your products or services via your blog?
  • Can customers and prospects learn about you, your team, your company and your uniqueness?

Leave the rest of the stuff to refinement. It’ll give you something to tweak after you launch.