Speaking—need a guest speaker at your next event?

Need a speaker for your next event?I was always a shy kid growing up. The kind of kid who hung on his mom’s leg. My mom’s friends still remind me of this 30 years later. Even though I was shy, I wasn’t completely backward. I did play a lot of sports and played most of them pretty well. But still, I never liked the spotlight.

When I was 18, something happened that changed some of that. I went on a high school retreat and at the end—when given an opportunity to address the crowd—I walked up and starting speaking. Wow. Where did that come from? With enough courage, anyone could probably do that once, but the encouragement I received that day kept me moving forward.

As my confidence grew, the next thing you know I was comfortable giving group presentations in college and even started a career in sales. After a move from one financial services company to another, I found myself speaking to employee orientations, enrollment meetings, and other training events on a weekly basis. I loved it. I followed the work of great motivational speakers like Mark Victor Hanson, Peter J Daniels (he’s a businessman who happens to speak) and Doug Wead. I thought this is something I would love to do.

When I started my business over three years ago, I left a lot of the speaking opportunities behind. Then last year, opportunities started to pop up again. First I did a workshop for a customer, Lowe Chiropractic, on digital productivity. Then I did a series of workshops for Oldham County Chamber of Commerce focused on social media and inbound marketing. This year I just finished speaking at the Staging Experts of Louisville’s monthly meeting at Cort Furniture. I have some more workshops lined up for Oldham County this spring, and we’re open to more engagements.

If you’re interested in having me speak to your group on inbound marketing, social media, digital productivity, or related topics— then contact us and tell us what you’re thinking. If the group is large enough, I’m still at the free level. Of course stipends or gift cards have been nice parting gifts 🙂 Referrals from others. Whatever the case, let’s connect if your group wants to get a jump start on digital (inbound) marketing.

Downsize Your Business

Not in the files and storage room sense. Not in the set up of the lobby or the layout of the office furniture. Those are good ideas but that’s not what I’m shooting for here.

I’m talking about recreating a new business model that works in a down economy. Reducing expenses, streamlining processes, organizing digital tools, empowering employees, repositioning marketing dollars- that’s the ticket in this economy. More with less.

Now if you’re lean and mean and flexible, you can move and adapt quicker than the competition. Even if there is no competition you can adjust to your customers demands. Instead of building products and figuring out how to market them, you can listen to what people are asking for and give it to them. You can create a more compelling story.

Instead of focusing on up-sizing revenue, profits and cash all the time, how about a few years  of breaking down current fat business models and making them lean. Costco and Zappos come to mind.

The road to wealth lies in augmenting our means or diminishing our wants, either will do, but the quickest way is to do both- Ben Franklin