Statistics from the 2011 Social Media Marketing Report

Download the social media marketing reportLast week Michael Stelzner, with Social Media Examiner, released the 2011 social media marketing industry report. In it he shares information about how companies are using social media for their business, what tools they plan on using more than others in 2011, and how they have benefited from social media.

He and his team surveyed 3,300 businesses to get the results for this report. I wanted to point out some of the statistics I found to be insightful, but I encourage you to download the full detailed report. The information it provides could answer some of your own social media questions and help you plan out a social media marketing campaign for 2011.

What’s the time commitment for social media?

  • 58% of marketers surveyed are using social media for six hours or more each week
  • 34% are using it for 11 or more hours weekly
  • 47% of marketers who have more than three years experience in social media spend at least 16 hours per week using it

Age matters

  • The younger the marketer, the more time he or she spends using social media
  • People aged 20 to 29 years old spend more time than other age groups using social media—with 41% spending 11 or more hours weekly

The top five benefits of social media

  • Generated exposure for the business (88%)
  • Increased traffic to website and/or subscribers (72%)
  • Improved SEO ranking (62%)
  • Resulted in new business partnerships (56%)
  • Generated qualified leads (51%)


Where do people go to find you?

How do people find your businessWhere do you think people go to find your business?

I promise you it’s not the Yellow Pages. In the last three years, I can’t even begin to recall the number of business owners who told me they were giving up their Yellow Page ad. If I had a dime for each, I’m sure I’d have coffee for a year.

So where, then?
One thing that drives business for a lot of people is referrals. People ask their friends and family for advice when purchasing a service or product all the time. This can happen anywhere: in person at a coffee shop, a meeting, an event, or on the phone. Because we’re all crunched for time, it’s happening more and more online through email or on social media. These two platforms are huge in terms of opportunities where referrals flow.

If you’re not being referred or talked about in social media, then you are definitely being Googled. People are finding you by searching Google, Yahoo!, Bing, or some other search engine. That’s why having a presence on the web and being easily found online is crucial for survival today. This applies to all businesses, large and small.

This is the type of stuff we help small businesses accomplish everyday. Contact us if you’d like learn more.

Tying it all together with email

Email is part of the overall strategy Hubspot tweeted a pretty interesting blog post the other day about using email to drive organic traffic to websites. There’s several reasons why I dig this concept:

1. It’s a way to tie all of your media together
No matter how many followers you have on Twitter or fans you have on Facebook, your most engaged audience are those who subscribe to your newsletter. You should be blogging at least once a week, sharing information through social media daily, and responding to comments as they come. A monthly newsletter helps tie all of those efforts together by linking to your blog, sharing information about your social media accounts, and producing exclusive content for your newsletter subscribers.

2. As an inbound marketing agency, it’s another way we’re helping our customers see results
We’ve just started newsletter campaigns for our clients. The more we promote their upcoming newsletter, the more subscribers they get. The more we promote their blogs in the newsletter, the more page views they’re seeing. This is exciting stuff and it helps them view email as part of their overall inbound marketing strategy.

3. As we revamp our own newsletter, it’s one of the things we’ve already planned on doing
It’s been a long time since Simplified Solutions sent out a newsletter—too long. Yes we’ve been busy but that’s not really an excuse since most small businesses are busy. We’re actually going to send our first re-designed monthly newsletter this Saturday. We can’t wait to start sending out content again and tracking our results. If you’re interested, you can subscribe here. We’d love to have you on board!

So tell us, is email part of your overall inbound marketing strategy? If it isn’t but you’d like it to be, we’d love to help.

Keeping track of your contacts

In the past it was a daunting task to keep track of customers. This was true especially if you let it get away from you over the years. If you’re like most small businesses and busy professionals, you probably did.

That brings me to the good news. If you’d done a bad job of keeping tabs on your contacts in the past- you’d have had an uphill battle. Your company would be in for a laborious session using Google, Yellowbook, Whitebook and online directories to find each and every contact. Not anymore.

Here is a strategy I share with all my customers. Get a legal pad and allocate a few hours in several batches throughout a week. Write down those you’ve done business with, networked with and just befriended over the years. Now take said notebook and go to Google. Type in their names one by one. If they’re on the grid, then you’re leveraging the power of six degrees of separation or six pixels if you prefer.

Many will show up in your Google search on Facebook. From there you can find most of their friends. Bet they’re on your list as well. Not on Facebook? No problem. How about LinkedIn? Found someone on LinkedIn, scan their connections. See anyone else on your list? Not on Facebook or LinkedIn, but hey there’s still Twitter. Oh yeah and Flickr, WordPress, Blogger and a million others. Maybe they show up on a contact or about page of a website. Heck maybe they even own their own business now.

Now you are connected to them and their information is fresh because they updated it themselves. No directory guessed at it. So you can connect with them where they’re at or you can bring their info in to your CRM. Now the hard work starts- building relationships and staying top of mind.

Ten Twitter Tips

After using Twitter for more than a year, I’ve come up with a list for the beginner. This assumes you have filled out your profile and added a picture. Without those people probably won’t follow.

1) Be genuine and be real. Be authentic and people will want to follow you and develop a relationship with you. Post about yourself, your day, your business and your family. Add some humor, some inspiration, some wisdom, some tips and hints. Then plug away with your business, your blog or your links. It will be natural and we’ll be interested. Reverse this and you’ll be in for a long haul.

2) Use the @ symbol before someone’s user name or handle to reference them in your tweet. This is what I love about Twitter and it’s viral nature. It’s make the world a lot smaller when we connect the dots to who knows who.

3) Linking is a good way to showcase your content, your blog, your website and articles you read which others would be interested in. Shorten the URL if you’re using

4) Retweeting others is also a great way to reward the good content of others and to share meaningful tweets with your followers. Remember just because you’re following someone doesn’t mean your followers are too.

5) Remember if you want to get retweeted then you must give people a chance. Keep your tweet to 120 characters instead of 140 and then others can easily retweet without having to edit parts of your message.

6) If you’re looking for followers then tweet like Goldielocks. Not too little, not too much but just right. If I see someone’s face for 10 tweets of my past 15 then that person gets unfollowed. If someone just lurks and never says anything, there is a chance they may get unfollowed too.

7) If you, as a new user are still wondering what’s the big deal with Twitter; then check out

8 ) If you’re looking for followers right out of the gate, then go back to the person who introduced you to Twitter and scan their following list. Follow those who interest you. They will probably reciprocate.

9) If you’re looking for followers right out of the gate, then follow an entire list created by another user. For instance you keep up with golf and you see someone with a great list of all things golf. You can follow the whole list blindly or you can revert back to step 8.

10) Have fun. Make connections. Build relationships. Then meet the people in person for coffee and you’ll feel like you already know them. has it’s own resource for new users. Here it is.

Add this to your to-do list today

Small Business, Corporations, Organizations, Associations, Non Profits, Ministries

If you operate in any of the above worlds, you need to run around your office this morning and find this person.

This person will be your new bootstrapping marketer, advertiser, PR agent, communications department, sales manager and all around buzz expert. We’ll call him or her a “Content Manager”. Find them quickly, not hastily but quickly. Good decision makers make them quickly right? That’s what I’ve read everywhere under the sun.

Alright now that you have that person. Lock them in their office, obviously providing the best take out food in your area, plenty to drink in the way of coffee, lattes, cool specialty drinks like Root Beers, Ginger Ales or Sasparillas and water. Give them plenty of breaks to refresh and do fun things in between their in depth study sessions.

OK you ask, what shall they learn? WordPress and Twitter. Start there.

I see one organization after another that could benefit by having a Word Press site. I’m a big fan of Ithemes cool themes. I don’t have a lot of time to elaborate here, but it’s important that you take my word for it.

You see two days ago I listened to a very prominent person say something that stuck with me. The remark was that he would spend 5 minutes per day posting to Twitter and engaging followers. They would have a CMS (content management system) and I think hands down WordPress does this the best for the least investment of time and money. They would have a “Content Manager” who they would touch base with for 5 minutes per day to get updates and posts done. Here’s the scoop today.

Simple yet powerful. This is where the leaders are and where the followers are heading. Get there.

Learn and use WordPress and Twitter. If you need help, contact me. I know some great training resources and the most awesome theme company with package hosting and great support.

If you can’t find this person in house, you better outsource this one. It’s too important to ignore.

Social Media Workshop

This post is mainly geared for a free workshop I did today. However, I think most folks who are new to social media will learn a lot.

Here is a quick summary of some bullet points from today’s talk:

LinkedIn is probably the most professional of the tools we discussed today, but also probably the most in depth. Within LinkedIn there are many directions you can go with your job search or networking. There are groups to join, connections to be made, recommendations to write and to seek out, and much more.

The biggest key is to first set up your account. Then set up your profile. From there you can get more acquainted with the site and tools over time. If you have at least created an account and set up a profile, then people can connect with you. Google can also index your results. Again this means that if someone Google’s your name (it’s become a verb), they can research you. Todd Doyle did a great job explaining LinkedIn and it’s value.

Twitter- is a great and simple tool that can help you to encourage others, promote others, contribute to discussions, plug yourself, and it’s also a lot of fun. Everything in Twitter is based on permission. People follow you based on the content of your tweets (posts). You choose to follow them back based on their content or by searching for people via ( Don’t forget to bookmark or favorite these links in your browsers. Another great way to find people to follow is by looking at the followers of your followers. For instance if you looked at my list you may see some people we know commonly. Then so on and so forth. Twitter followers are very faithful about reciprocating as long as you don’t over do it with a far too many posts or spam them with lots of unwanted solicitation type tweets. Mixing in the occasional plug, link, cause or promotion is not only expected but helpful to the entire community.

Twitter can help you connect and develop relationships when you genuinly become interested in others and when they reciprocate. Often people share information, job opportunities, new promotions, referrals and much more on Twitter. After you create your account and set up your profile, you will start to tweet. You only have 140 characters. Once you’ve went over that limit you’ll start to see the screen change colors. It’s a good idea to make your thoughts as concise as possible. Over time you will see many of the tricks and hacks that people use to get the most out of the 140 character limit. It’s simply brilliant and brilliantly simple in the way this works. Don’t forget to add a picture, a bio and a link to somewhere online that you have a presence. LinkedIn or Facebook profiles work well.

I’ll leave you with a few tips that will save you time and energy. I learned these the hard way by watching and by trial and error.

  1. If you want to link to someone else on Twitter in your tweet- @username is the format. You can look up their user name on their profile page or through a search.
  2. If you want to add a link then this website can help you shorten the link so it takes up less characters. You simply copy the url (the address in the bar up top) and paste it into the box on the website I’ve linked to above. Then you click make tiny and copy the new link and paste it into your tweet box. It sounds a little complicated but it’s really not. If you use a mouse then highlighting and right clicking will let you copy and paste easily. If you prefer using your keyboard – On a PC -Ctr button + C = copy while Ctr button + V = paste. On a MAC Command button + C = copy while Command button + V = paste.
  3. If you like what someone else says you can copy it and paste it into your twitter box and put the letters RT in front of it. This is called a retweet. It is the highest compliment to retweet someone elses tweet (post). You can make it easier for someone to retweet your material by making your tweets 120 characters instead of 140- don’t try and understand that one yet, just trust me. Here is the magic in the retweet. If someone has 15,000 followers and you say or link to someone interesting, many of their followers may quickly follow you. Viral marketing at it’s best.
  4. Don’t tweet too much and don’t tweet too little. A couple times in the morning, at lunch and around dinner is plenty to start with. At least try it once a day if that’s not possible.

Next week we’ll talk more about blogging, facebook and Ning. Also we can have a Q&A for those who have jumped in sideways into Twitter or LinkedIn.

The race to build tribes

It seems like with this down economy we are all in a race to build the most connected tribes in the quickest possible fashion.

It reminds me of twitter. I know a secret way to get 8 million followers in 30 days. It’s not a secret but simply a concession. Anyone who has 25,000 followers can look at me and say he only has 180 followers. How can he tell anyone how to use social media? When I started using Twitter I decided that I would wait a while to start seeking out people to follow. Those who were interested in me for what I was tweeting about could follow me and I would evaluate them to see what we had in common. Then I would follow. Now I’m more proactive but still let things happen more often than not. I set limits because I don’t know that I can have relationships with thousands of followers.

If I would have went mad with Twitter like most everyone else, I could have 20,000 followers by now. Most people or at least a high percentage will follow you back because it’s all about ego. So if you follow enough they will follow you back. What is so big about that trick?

Who can get the most followers? I’m not interested in that as much as I’m interested in finding people who share my likes, then taking time to connect with them and build meaningful personal and business relationships.

I’m into conservative/libertarian politics, organization, productivity, sports-especially golf, Christian faith, WordPress, Social Media tools, communication, chiropractic care, natural healthcare and supplements to name a few. If you are interested in these things I’d love to see what you’re posting and I’d love to interact. If not then I’d probably just be trying to sell you something- wouldn’t I?

I live in Louisville KY so those on Twitter locally interest me as well.

I have some other social networks I’m involved with like Tumblr, Ning and Facebook. I have an interest in finding people on Twitter who are also in these spheres.

I like to learn about new things and so sometimes I like to follow people on Twitter to gain knowledge or insights.

Building your tribe is a great idea and a worthy goal. If you are a small business, non profit or ministry; why don’t you start by pointing your customers to these social media tools? You already have a pretty cool tribe- they just didn’t get directions to the new meeting place. Twitter or Ning or Stumble Upon or Tumblr or Vimeo or Facebook or Flickr.

Visible and Imperfect vs Invisible and Pefect

You choose. Gary V doesn’t seem to fret to much about the quality of his videos, and he’s one of the most sought after and visible entrepreneurs today. Seth Godin has a top 20 ranked blog in the world according to Technorati and the # 1 marketing blog. Seth makes the occasional punctual error and misspelling. I believe that 55 out of 100 people can read this article even though …..

Day in the life of Social Media Guy

It’s time to stop screwing around and let’s get to work using these tools to help solve problems and make profits. I’m guilty, you’re guilty- we’re probably all guilty if you’re reading this post. This video was a little parody I did last night. Hat tip: INXS – I Need you Tonight in the background.

Day in the life of Social Media Guy from Bryce Raley on Vimeo.

Here is a little idea of what people on Twitter have been saying lately. This is a must see list.