Where do people go to find you?

How do people find your businessWhere do you think people go to find your business?

I promise you it’s not the Yellow Pages. In the last three years, I can’t even begin to recall the number of business owners who told me they were giving up their Yellow Page ad. If I had a dime for each, I’m sure I’d have coffee for a year.

So where, then?
One thing that drives business for a lot of people is referrals. People ask their friends and family for advice when purchasing a service or product all the time. This can happen anywhere: in person at a coffee shop, a meeting, an event, or on the phone. Because we’re all crunched for time, it’s happening more and more online through email or on social media. These two platforms are huge in terms of opportunities where referrals flow.

If you’re not being referred or talked about in social media, then you are definitely being Googled. People are finding you by searching Google, Yahoo!, Bing, or some other search engine. That’s why having a presence on the web and being easily found online is crucial for survival today. This applies to all businesses, large and small.

This is the type of stuff we help small businesses accomplish everyday. Contact us if you’d like learn more.

Budget ideas for New Media

If you’re a small business, busy professional, non profit or ministry; what’s it worth to have someone tell your story for you? Is it worth $6000 – $12000 per year? I’m sure you’re spending that much per year on ads. I created a little [download id=”2″] if you have your records handy.

I know businesses that allocate this amount of their budget just to yellow page ads or business card ads in weekly papers. I know businesses who spend this on lead generation programs annually. Some put this kind of money into radio or TV.

Wouldn’t it be more effective to start blogging about what you do, how you do it and who you can help? Wouldn’t it be more effective to create online spaces to organize your fans and customers. Wouldn’t it be more effective to handle your own PR instead of begging for it, or worse yet paying for it from the old media? If you’re a mid sized firm and your getting mad right now, then realize who I’m speaking to, it’s probably not you.

I certainly agree that small businesses, busy professionals, non profits and ministries can’t afford to bring someone on staff for $50-$60 K to handle this task. I’m betting you’re already stretched thin, so delegating this to staff may be out of the question as well. So what other options are there.

content updatesWe’ve created plans for those who want to outsource storytelling. We’ll be your PR department and Content Managers. We’ll update the content on your site, your Flickr photo feed or your Youtube video channel. We’ll coach you on creating compelling content. We’ll write educational marketing posts for your blog. We’ll handle blog updates on your latest endeavors, fundraisers, events or milestones. We’ll coach you to disseminate information and engage appropriately on Twitter and Facebook. We’ll organize your contacts with email newsletters. We’ll get people talking about your story and if your story isn’t worth talking about, we’ll help recreate it with you.  This is what we mean by creating and sharing your story online. They used to call this marketing and advertising. If you want to delegate you or someone on your team to handle this at least check back soon for the launch of our coaching programs and webinars. If you’re interested in our services they range from $499 per month up to $999 per month. We’re only looking to do this for a select number of clients. We’re already handling this for some.