We’ve been cooking up some good things here at Simplified Solutions LLC

Simplified Solutions LLC Cooking up Some Good Stuff

So, I haven’t posted to the blog since we moved into an office in the fall. We’ve been busy though. I have evidence. I’ll share it in this post.

First we moved into the office.

Then we became a Certified Hubspot Partner. Learned a system. Launched a site. Passed a test.

Then we launched a new D.B.A called The Content Squad to use said Hubspot software.

Then we increased our inbound marketing retainers in price and scope.

Then we secured some funding and an amazing business adviser to boot.

Then we hired our first team member. You can read about her here.

Then we began building out the third leg of our business model. It’s a training, coaching, and membership site. You’ll have to wait to hear more about it. It’s a secret. In case you were wondering, the Simplified Solutions leg does WordPress websites, coaching, speaking engagements, and project work. The Content Squad leg does inbound marketing on retainer and uses/sells the Hubspot CMS. It rocks.

I also started a sales development and training program with these sales pros.

So no more excuses. Here we come. Humbly but aggressively.

We’re here to serve and to build a team. We’ll continue to have fun along the way.

P.S. We appreciate your attention and your business.

Back in the saddle again

I’m back running Simplified Solutions LLC on a day to day basis. I still am representing webdesign.com and ithemes but just as an independent contractor and affiliate.

The last 3 months were great. I learned a tremendous amount and hopefully the team at WD.com did as well. We made several sales, worked out some processes, tested different price points and a whole lot more. Hindsight is always 20/20 and everyone is the best Monday morning quarterback but I believe all parties involved had wins in the arrangement.

In the market things cannot be conceived in the mind and implemented without realizing they have to be tested and refined. If we operated in an environment where things stopped and you could walk into the paused picture, then business would be so much simpler. With the way things change so rapidly today you have to adjust quickly. It reminds me of Seth Godin’s book The Dip. You really do have to quit the things that don’t look to work out and to focus on being the best in your endeavor. There is little room left for mediocrity. I think both parties saw this change made since and thankfully we realized it at the same time.

Take a spin around the site.

I’ve jazzed it up a bit and hopefully made it much more clear how I can help you. I admit it was extremely vague over the past few years.

We help you create your story and share it online. We use tools like WordPress and Twitter.

A New Direction

It’s time for a new direction. I’m posting this verbatim on my other sites as well.

For the last two years, I’ve planned and built, tweaked and refined, sold and invoiced, collected and accounted. I’ve marketed and branded and promoted. I’ve written and blogged and spoke and taught. I’ve coached and consulted. I’ve laughed, cried and learned a whole lot along the way.

I don’t regret starting Simplified Solutions, LLC two years ago. It has been the single best business learning experience I have ever had. I made so many mistakes. Too many to list here. I definitely failed forward at times. The best part was that this last two years was a training ground. A preparation if you will for the greatest business opportunity in my life thus far.

As my business has started to succeed the last several months, it’s been in large part due to a company called ithemes- and a open source platform called WordPress. I owe a lot to WordPress and to the team at ithemes. WordPress gave me, and more importantly small businesses, non profits and ministries; an affordable, effective, and attractive way to gain an online presence. Ithemes created some amazing themes powered by WordPress. That made the rest pretty easy for me.

A few months back my relationship with this amazing company grew a little closer. I always wondered how employable I was after being in sales most of my life and then running a small freelance business. Deep down though I knew I could follow a great leader and be a contributor on an amazing team. Well I’ve found both. The great leaders are Cory Miller and James Dalman. The great team is the team at ithemes and now WebDesign.com.

About a month ago, we started a serious dialogue about me joining a new venture that ithemes was launching. Time passed, many chats and conference calls lined out the details and I flew to Dallas this past weekend to meet the team and join this new venture – WebDesign.com

I am joining a thriving team at ithemes and have become their first sales consultant with WebDesign.com. To say I’m thrilled would be the understatement of the year.

We have a rockin team and we are ready to show the world an amazing model for web design and the customer service that comes with it.

You can follow all the details here at http://webdesign.com

You can also follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/webdesigncom

My new email address is bryce@webdesign.com and the cell phone is still the same.

I have already spoken to most current customers and this transition will be very seamless. I’m just joining the company that I promoted and sold before accept now I have a team of programmers, project managers, coders, designers, graphic designers, tech interns, owners and partners behind me. Way cool!

Simplified Solutions, LLC will still be an accounting entry in Quickbooks. Some things will trickle in and trickle out but I’m putting my 100% focus on making WebDesign.com the best in the world.

Welcome to our new website!

Usually, the recruiting firm is the last to implement the new hiring policies that they’ve taught their customers. The nagging broken trim in the kitchen is an afterthought to the builder who spends all his time fixing other peoples kitchens. The accountant files their tax return just before the deadline because they’ve devoted all their time to preparing everyone elses return. Well I have fallen victim to the same old song and dance.

I set up a website over a year ago, messed with it a few times, then I met and fell in love with WordPress. I started my blogs on WordPress but never had the opportunity to move my website over to this amazing platform. I have finished several other wordpress sites lately like here and here, but I just now got a day free and clear where I could devote several consecutive hours to updating my WordPress site.

Now I have to finish it.